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Why Turtlecase?

With guidance from key tape and hardware manufacturers, Turtle Cases, by Perm-A-Store have been uniquely designed to protect your valuable data during transport and storage.  Turtle Cases are built for business professionals who understand the value of their data and the precautions necessary to protect it.

Turtle cases qualified by FUJI in 1st Quarter, 2015.

See reports below for testing details.

TeraTurtle10 Report      TeraTurtle 20 Report        TeraTurtle 30 Report
Key items to consider when purchasing media transport and storage containers:

  • Stakes are higher Each cartridge or disk now holds significantly more data than in the past and consequently the cost to the business of losing the data is much higher. As an example, a 3480 cartridge holds 200 MB of data while a 3592 cartridge holds 300 GB 1,500 times more!
  • Requirements are tougher The density of the data on all tape formats continues to increase dramatically and therefore damage to the same area, affecting the exact same amount of space on a tape, will result in much greater loss of data.
  • Datas Enemies havent changed - 
    • Tape edge damage from shock/impact
    • Debris from foreign contaminents
    • Temperature and/or humidity extremes
  • Turtles Cases get the job done! - The extra protection provided by Turtle Cases is more important than ever.
  • Classic Turtle cases offer the following features to protect your data:
    • Double wall case which reduces G forces resulting from impact.
    • Molded dividers sized to the precise dimensions of each tape format cradle each cartridge and prevent shaking/rattling.
    • Trapped air space provides insulation from external temperature changes
    • Use of foam only with tape and disk formats where plastic cases are employed protects media from contact with debris generating agents inside the case
  • TeraTurtle cases offer additional features to protect your data:
    • Waterproof, Crushproof
    • Special TuffTane coated foam provides impact protection without introducing foam debris particles.
    • Individual slots hold each tape in a vertical position